Spilled Milk

A fun and unique twist on the classic carnival game

Spilled Milk was our first project and we were very impressed with its end product. In its simplicity, Spilled Milk somehow brings a uniquely relaxing atmosphere where one can test out the 30+ throwable objects in the game. Although we plan to move onto console development in the future, every studio needs that classic game as the foundation for their existence. For us, that is Spilled Milk.

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Game Features

Version 1.6.10

MASSIVE content update:

  • Added 30 NEW unlockable "Throwables"!

    • Unlocked through the NEW loot box system using NEW coins!

    • Throwables range from basketballs to pomegranates to vuvuzelas!

  • Added 5 NEW bottle skins!

  • Added 5 NEW background scenes!

    • Play at work or Ancient Greece!

  • Added NEW peaceful, relaxing background music!

  • Added NEW monetization options!


For full list of features see game description


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Recent Reviews

Google Play
Jan 26, 2019

"fun game to play and just have fun. Great when playing waiting for a friend or on a car ride. try it out for your self!"


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