The number one easiest and cheapest way to get involved and support our studio is simply to download our games on their respective devices and give them a try. Don't forget to leave a review on the respective game market! We value feedback, positive and negative, because it lets us know exactly where we are at and exactly what we could do to do better for our audience. Feel free to reach out to us on any social media or in the email below with any issues or questions.

Become a Patron!

We do accept donations here at Wise Kraken Studios as well as monetize our games as fair as possible. We use donations to cover our monthly subscriptions fees on software such as Unity, Photoshop, our website, and more. This allows us to use our game revenue on hardware upgrades, skilled freelancers, and paid classes for our team. We will ALWAYS tell our donors where our donated money is spent so you can be sure your money is properly used. We use Patreon in order to sustain our monthly payments. If you don't want to make a monthly payment, Patreon also allows for one-time donations that will be carried out on the first of the month. We greatly appreciate any one willing to take this support and we hope these rewards below demonstrate that appreciation. The rewards listed are for monthly donors but we will make sure our one-time donors are equally accommodated.

All tiers are awarded after your first payment (the first of the month after you sign up)

All tiers are subject to change (We GUARANTEE we will make you aware at least 30 days before the next payment day)


  • Show your support

  • Invite to a private Discord server with participating team members

  • Follow back on platform of your choice

  • Our undying love


  • Store discount (TBA)

  • Exclusive in-game item after first payment (TBA)

  • Previous tier


  • Greater store discount (TBA)

  • TBA (will be decided as studio grows)

  • Previous tiers


  • Access to closed Beta testing

  • Exclusive physical item after first payment (TBA) 

  • Previous tiers


  • Your name in the credits of games produced after your first payment

  • Free copy of games at launch

  • Previous tiers

Become a partner!

Our partner program is extremely relaxed and meant to benefit both our business as well as yours. We provide 24/7 direct access to our team members to our partners to best strategize promotional campaigns and possible collaborations. All of our partnerships are different and we would be willing to hear anything you and your business have to offer us.

Please get in contact with us at the email below:

Our Current Partners

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